The Bible Of Truths

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About the Book

by Robert J. Evans

Robert J. Evans is proud to present The Bible of Truths. The Bible of Truths is Evanss self-help guide to teach others how to best eliminate the evil forces of life from their environment. This book contains Evanss truths in many forms with the hope of helping people to become honorable and loving citizens of this world for the rest of their lives. Evans reveals his beliefs concerning marriage, equality, religion, society, and much more in his book, and strives to provide his readers with his facts of love and life.

About the Author

Robert J. Evans is proud alumni of the University of Houston where he studied general psychology: the science of mind and behavior, and sociology: the study of social relationships and attitudes.

Evans has thoroughly studied the encyclopedia and enjoys learning about different facts and incidents that have occurred in the history of humanity. He also reads many books pertaining to human relationships.

All of these experiences have fostered the writing of The Bible of Truths. Evans holds his work dear to his heart and hopes that people who read The Bible of Truths will find help and encouragement.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 132