The Beginning

By  J F. Watkins
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Jassmyine (Jesus Christ's twin sister) roams earth with the mission to ultimately bring humanity and salvation to a world full of sin. In effort to complete her fathers wishes and what her brother started Jassmyine must make the ultimate choice between humanity or her true love Michael (right hand of God). Will she fall from grace or will man kind fall once and for all?

About the Author

J F. Watkins has been motivated and fueled by her faith in Christianity. After achieving a Bachelor's in theology, being a successful business owner in a male dominated world and being dedicated wife and mother of four, she is now following her life long passion for writing and composing.

(2021, eBook)

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Pleasantly Surprised

When I first bought the book I was looking for something different, and this book definitely was just that. I felt like I was literally there, like a movie playing in my head every word was vivid
the scenes were hot and steamy i could feel every touch hear every sigh, other than those scenes I also felt her heartbreak and betrayals without giving too much away I'm left waiting and wanting more. Eagerly waiting to read book two. My only complaint is I wish the book was longer, it was a good introduction to the main characters