The Battle For Terra: The Third Installment Of The Continent Trilogy

By Douglas T. Bradshaw
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THE BATTLE FOR TERRA:The Third Installment of The Continent Trilogy

We have seen the Continent play host to magick and evil, but now it faces a threat unlike anything else in the multiverse. It now faces Galetos, the son of the most evil Ancient, Chagdrom. In retribution for what happened here in the ancient past, Galetos now wants to swallow Terra whole. Standing in his way is a farmer named Raollin, who rose from his common roots to become a Champion of the Light, tasked with stopping evil, no matter what form it takes. The issue is that no mortal has ever faced an evil as great as Galetos in the history of Terra. How can a simple farmer save Terra from being consumed? Read the exciting conclusion of the Continent series and find out!

About the Author

Douglas T. Bradshaw explains that this series is a byproduct of his favorite hobby, fantasy role-playing games, especially Dungeons and Dragons. He’s been playing since 1983 and has been a Dungeon Master since 1993. Over the years, he’s written many adventures for his players, and he thought that perhaps others, whether or not they have played D&D, would enjoy these stories. The Continent Trilogy is based in his campaign world, where the players make history every game session! Bradshaw says, “It is my hope that those who read this book look forward to more stories…in my next series…the Legends of Terra.”

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 472