The Badge, The Balls, And The Bull Sh-T

By Henry (Hank) J. Silva
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About the Book

Detective Bobby Olivarez and his partner, Detective Brent Olson, are the lead detectives in several investigations that include murder, extortion and corruption. They involve punk thieves, Mexican cartels and terrorists from the Middle East with a grand plan to take over the island of Hawaii. These detectives are former military, can outshoot most, can bench press four hundred plus pounds and have the will to never lose. They are innovative, clever and deadly. You certainly would want them on your side.

About the Author

 Henry (Hank) J. Silva was born on the island of Oahu three months before the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. He attended both public and Catholic schools and obtained a college degree in criminal justice. He followed a police career as his grandfather before him did.

Silva studied martial arts when eight years old with Judo, then went on to Aikido and, finally, before he went into the military, obtained his black belt in Karate. In the military he was assigned to the Army Security Agency. He moved to the big island of Hawaii in 1966, becoming a police officer.

Silva moved up through the police ranks to the rank of Major; he served in all major police department divisions and sections. After retirement, he worked for the Federal Government and owned Ex-cop Investigations. He also worked as a reserve officer for eighteen years covering beats and for his last five years he investigated Cold Case Homicides.

To keep fit, Silva regularly works out at a local gym, but is no longer a member of the four hundred pound plus club. The author shoots action pistol and rifle on a weekly basis. His son is a protégé of his father’s teachings and represented the State of Hawaii in the Junior Olympics in small bore rifle at Colorado Springs, Colorado, in his senior year in High School.

Silva and his lovely wife have been married for fifty years – “he knows how to pick ‘em.”

Published: 2017
Page Count: 238