The Atlas Array

By B. L. Barger
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In this follow-up novel to The Sirius Connection, Maxine, the Qatar family, a scholar of antiquities, and three mysterious sisters of the stone travel through time to Egypt 2900 BC, to find ancient Guardians they believe came to Earth and built a planetary weapon array—a weapon they need to reactivate in modern times to defend against a second swarm that threatens to annihilate Earth once and for all.

Throughout their quest, Maxine and her companions find themselves in constant conflict with ancient Guardians who now call themselves Osiris, Baal, Poseidon, and Zeus, and who believe themselves to be gods. After escaping repeated attempts on their lives, our heroes discover that a Guardian who calls himself Atlas is the one they must find as he is the engineer who designed the planetary weapon array. To free Atlas from his imprisonment by Zeus, Maxine and company are forced into the aftermath of a civil war, while an active volcano threatens to undo everything. Will they escape from those who would oppose them to bring Atlas through time before the swarm descends?

About the Author

B. L. Barger currently works in open-heart surgery as a perfusionist. Besides writing science fiction, she also enjoys painting and other creative pursuits. Brooke resides in Ohio, with her three dogs and cat. Her favorite place to be is relaxing at home with a good book and possibly a martini.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 412