The Art Of Life Is More Than A Quote Book

By Jean Patrick Fabre
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The Art of Life Is More than a Quote Book is a journey through the life and wisdom of the author, as told by both personal narrative and a collection of quotes gathered from such various sources as the Bible, Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, and W.C. Fields, as well as more modern influences such as Martin Luther, Mark Twain, and Jay-Z. This piece encourages each individual to form his or her own thoughts and ideas on life and so he explores subjects universal to us all, such as love, family, religion, humanity, laughter, and heaven. Jean Patrick Fabre also discusses his separation from both parents at an early age, struggles with school and health as an adolescent, and even a violent showdown as a young man ending in gunshots. The work also includes more uplifting descriptions of the authors religious faith and how his faith has affected his worldview. Jean Patrick Fabres text may appeal to fans of religious or inspiration literature looking for an uplifting true story interspersed with quotations on a plethora of subjects.

About the Author

In addition to writing, he enjoys playing sports, including basketball, football and golf. He is going to filmmaking school, and aspires to be a filmmaker. He wrote The Art of Life Is More than a Quote Book so mankind could have a better understanding of the world and humanity.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 46