The Art Of Being There In Portugal

By David F. Jennings
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Jennings work is a travelogue from his personal perspective after many trips to Portugal with family and friends beginning in the nineties. Although he has traveled a considerable portion of the world (the Far East, Latin America, North America, and Europe), he has chosen to return to Portugal time and time again. While he provides a vast amount of detail on the sights to see in Portugal, he also entertains with many anecdotes concerning the beauty of the country and the kindness of its inhabitants. By sharing his love for this country and its people, he inspires the reader to add this lovely and friendly country to a shortlist of travel possibilities. Probably the best piece of advice Mr. Jennings passes along is to practice being there, not just visiting. Clear the mind of all its clutter and take the time to focus on the wonder of the surroundings, enjoying every moment.

About the Author

David Jennings has been to Portugal with family and friends over a period of twenty-five years, where he gathered information to put together his book. He is a self-employed Strategic Management Consultant. He currently lives in Weston, Connecticut, with his wife, Barbara. He has three sons, Thomas, David, and Bryan.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 124