The Armies Of Forever

By Russell Peterson
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The Armies of Forever

Hella place like no other and perfectly define by its own name. A place of eternal suffering, torture, and terror that even the most wicked human cowers from.

Unfortunately, the damned souls that enter its gates have no chance of turning back, for Satan and his demons offer no second chances or even choices, only the worst punishment no one could ever imagine.

Heaven is the complete opposite of Hell. It is where good souls bask in the warmth and love, untouched by the dark shadows of pain, loss, and grief. Repentance has cleansed them of their sins, and they are now among the army of God that will battle against the evil that plagues Earth.

With the dark pestilence called evil spreading across Earth, mankind is falling apart as great numbers of men willingly walk into the traps of malevolence. And as demons rejoice their initial victory, the Army of God brace themselves for the oncoming battle to save the remaining righteous souls on Earth and put an end to Satan and his minions deplorable deeds.

About the Author

Russell Peterson has been a resident of Spokane, Washington for more than twenty-five years. He likes to read, especially materials for Tomorrows World Bible Study Course. He is also currently engaged and a self-employed construction worker.

Published: 2012
Page Count: 100