The Architecture Of Stanley D. Anderson, With James Ticknor And William Bergmann

By Paul Bergmann
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The Architecture of Stanley D.Anderson and Associates: The Architectural Works of Stanley D. Anderson, James Ticknor, and William Bergmann: 1925-1992

About the Book

Stanley D. Anderson's standard of architecture has sustained the test of time. His designs for residences, commercial buildings, schools, and Gentlemen's Farms are still praised today for his attention to detail, solid design work, and high-quality standards. This picture book illustrates through historic photos and drawings from the firm's archive the classical styles that the firm members drew upon over many decades of work. Through his signature Country Georgian style, Anderson and his associates transformed Lake Forest.

Designed for local history buffs, amateur and professional architects, and the simply curious, this book provides biographies and interior perspectives on the production of Anderson and his associates, William Bergmann and James Ticknor, and their distinctive interpretation of a transformative architectural style.

About the Author

Paul Bergmann is a lifelong resident of Lake Bluff, Illinois. Before venturing into corporate law, he worked at Stanley D. Anderson, beginning about the fifth grade, mainly putting away flat files and detail drawings in an estimated ten thousand drawing collection.

He is a board member of the Lake Bluff History Museum. He is a past board member of the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation and the Elawa Farm Foundation, which raises funds to restore and preserve barns, stables, and outbuildings at Elawa Farm. When not involved in local activities, he enjoys fishing in Canada and Mexico and traveling with his partner, Janet Gibson.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 376