The Architect

By R.J. Linteau
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Young architect Connor Jones West is about to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard’s prestigious Graduate School of Design. He has been offered his dream job in Chicago by the nationally known firm of Nolan, Jefferson, and Marlow. Recently commissioned to design the cities’ biggest multi-use skyscraper, the firm adds the talented West to bolster its design prowess, one dulled by years of tired municipal work. West is thrilled at the opportunity but soon discovers that the glittering façade of big-time corporate architecture masks a tottering, corrupt foundation. An unprincipled and shameless developer, mobsters vowing revenge upon the project and its owner, bitter and vicious office rivalries, a forbidden romance, and endless hours of hard work conspire to destroy young Connor as he is caught in a maze of difficult decisions, challenges and trials. Determined to live the life he dreams of without sacrificing his ethics and morals, his exceptional talent, or the love of his life, The Architect takes you on a fast-paced look at the world of architecture and urban development, through the complex lens of self-realization, tragedy and humanity.

About the Author

R.J. Linteau has spent his entire career, 44 years, in architecture, large-scale construction and real estate development. He knows the industry, and he knows where the bodies are buried. This is his first novel. Linteau has recently completed his second novel, The Black Orchestra, a World War II thriller,that will be released in January of 2021.

Linteau lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife. He has two children and two grand-children. They enjoy traveling and vacationing in Key West, Florida and Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32