The Appointed Duty: Potty Patrol "Part 2 - Needed: A Revolution In Education"

By Marilu O'Malley
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Do you know the teachers in your childs school? In many ways, teaching today is a very thankless profession. Expectations of administrators, parents, and the community do not end at the distribution of curriculum; teachers are often called upon to be psychologists, disciplinarians, baby-sitters, motivators, counselors, mediators, and experts in every facet of knowledge, all for a fraction of the salaries earned by other professionals. Marilu OMalley is saddened by the state of our schools today and the effect it has on student learning. She believes that true change in our education system can only occur when communities work together to address problems of administrative dishonesty, intimidation, manipulation of staff and parents, and gross mismanagement, with the goal of bettering the learning of our children. The Appointed Duty: Potty Patrol provides a glimpse into the life of one teacher who shares her joys and struggles in a wry manner through personal letters. These experiences set the stage for OMalley to suggest solutions for higher education institutions, government officials, administrators, teachers, students, and parents to the problems she perceives as detrimental to the learning of our children.

About the Author

A retired teacher, Marilu OMalley was inspired to write Appointed Duty: Potty Patrol by her own experiences in the classroom and in the school with administrators, parents, and students. Marilu holds a bachelors degree in elementary education, and she served as a member of local teacher associations from 1973 to 1986. Marilu lives in Riverton, Wyoming, and she has been active in the Church of the Nazarene since 1963. Her past hobbies included outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and travel; she currently enjoys writing, programming educational trivia programs, and watching historical, scientific, and travel programs.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 116