The Apocalypse (Revelation) Of The Apocalypse (Revelation)

By Chaplain Gene Miles
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About the Book

“I dare say that I learned more about the Bible from this one than any other book I have had the privilege to work on thus far. Thank you for allowing me to take part in the process.”

- Anthony Duhamel, Book Editor

THE APOCALYPSE (revelation) of the APOCALYPSE (revelation) will explain how to read Bible prophecies. In this inspiring work, Chaplain Gene Miles reveals the symbolic or parable language in the Bible and interprets the book of Revelation using these symbols. The interpretations garnered from this book are different than others of its kind in that it does not indicate great physical catastrophe but a great spiritual confrontation and persecution of the Christians. Miles provides this book as a means to encourage Christians to prepare themselves for what is coming, and to hopefully find peace when the end arrives.

About the Author

Chaplain Gene Miles is an architect by profession and served as the Director for Denny’s Restaurants architectural department for eight years and on the design review committee for the City of Fullerton, California, for eight years. He has been involved in the Orange County Jail Ministry for thirty-five years, serving on the board of directors for thirty years and acting as the executive chaplain for twenty. He plays guitar and leads worship in the services. Although having little formal training concerning the Bible, Miles has spent well over five years in intensive personal study of symbols used in the scriptures.

Miles is married, and he and his wife Nancy have one son.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 216