The Anchor Of Soul

By Youngsun Chae
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The Anchor of Soul is a guide to the love of God.

Youngsun Chae has experienced joy and gratitude by living with God in her life. This book is about reflecting upon your life so that you, too, can become closer to the Heavenly Father and experience true joy.

These letters are Chae’s experiences as she walked through the most difficult times in her life. The voice of God inspired her to write these letters, which ultimately healed her pain and sorrow and made her a stronger, happier person.

About the Author

Youngsun Chae was born in Seoul, South Korea, and has lived in Iowa City, Iowa, for more than twenty years. She graduated from the Seoul National University. After marriage, she and her husband graduated from the Korean Methodist Theological Seminary and have served the Methodist Church for more than thirty years. They have two grown daughters, both of whom are accomplished dentists.

Chae’s home, located in a small valley within the deep woods, has been a source of inspiration for her and has cultivated her love of Mother Nature and animals.

Chae enjoys gardening, although her real love is writing poetry and essays. She received the New Poet’s Award in 2012 and the grand prize in the poetry category from the Creative Literature Society of Korea in 2017. She has published three poetry books and one essay book. She looks forward to continuing to share the joy she receives from nature and God through her writing and poetry.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 170