The Alternative Truth

By Aaron Simmons Jr.
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About the Book

The Alternative Truth is about the struggle to obtain the promises outlined in the United States Constitution. It depicts the lengths people go through to deny those promises. Misinformation abounds in the course of the story as well as heartbreaking acts of cruelty. The message reflects the climate of today’s political environment. But derives its uniqueness from its authenticity. The reader may feel compassion or the reader could be satisfied that The Alternative Truth is being exposed.

About the Author

Aaron Simmons Jr. is a Vietnam veteran. He has an associate’s degree and a paralegal certificate. He held the position of a local union president for twelve years. Simmons loves to play the piano as well as motorcycle riding. He has a keen interest in politics and enjoys watching sports on TV. Simmons has three children, and they are a joy to him. Presently, he is not married. Maybe someday.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 36