The Alice Saga, Volume Iii: Nineteen Forty-Three, The Depression Child Chronicles

By Max C. Norton and illustrated Mary Burkhardt
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When the Great Depression hit, Alice and Bob Norton, along with their friends, their neighbors, and the huge waves of displaced, homeless Okies and Arkies emmigrating into Californias Central Valley struggled to survive. One day, one month, one year at a time, they overcame the Depression only to then send their children into the most destructive war in history. Their story the story of one American family is also the story of all American families. They certainly earned the appellation of The Greatest Generation! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Max C. Norton, originally from Idaho, has lived in Modesto, California, for over forty years. Dr. Norton earned his doctorate in neuropsychiatry in 1961 and taught as a professor at California State University until his retirement. He is active in the organization of Emeritus and Retired Faculty there. The story of the Norton family these pages present is also the story of Max C. Nortons own history and all of Americas.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 170