The Adventures Of Three Raccoons Raised By A Human Mother

By Nieves Monge
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Three baby raccoons are left orphaned by their mother. Alone and vulnerable to predators, the odds are highly against their survival. Unexpectedly, a human female rescues them from certain death. By the time they are released into the wild, they are fully able to take care of themselves, equipped with healthy bodies and keen natural instincts. This act of compassion is a way of life for author Nieves Monge, whose educational goal is to teach children the importance of caring and restoring the natural world around them. Ms. Monge believes children need to be taught this while still young and awestruck by nature. Once they are grown adults, this passion will enable them to make decisions and influence the world around them.

About the Author

Nieves Monges primary passion in life is the rehabilitation of wildlife. She is employed by the International Bird Rescue Research Center where she is an administrative/rehabilitation technician. A native of New York City who currently resides in California, her hobbies include bird watching, camping, traveling, reading, and, of course, the constant rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 24