The Adventures Of The Pee Dee Pods

By Joseph Lewis Clark, Sr.
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In The Adventures of the Pee Dee Pods, author Joseph Lewis Clark, Sr., introduces young readers to the Pods, soft little balls of fur who once lived in total tranquility on their home planet of Pod-Que-Qu. When their peaceful existence is threatened by the evil quake star Qrote, the Pods flee in search of a new home and, they hope, safety.

The first family to settle on Earth is composed of a mother and father and two baby Pods, Fat-Fat and Snook. They are accompanied by a protector whose primary job is to watch over the two rather rambunctious young Pods. As the family begins to prepare the way for others to join them, they become acquainted with their new environment and Fat-Fat and Snook find plenty of new and wondrous things to explore. Readers of all ages will enjoy meeting these lovable creatures and the new friends they make throughout The Adventures of the Pee Dee Pods.

About the Author

Joseph Lewis Clark, Sr., is a native of Chicago and currently is employed as a deputy sheriff in Cook County, Illinois. He lives with his wife, Michelle, and their two children, Joseph Jr. and Justin Lyn. A graduate of Crane and Austin High School, the author studied at Roosevelt University and earned a bachelors degree in art from Eastern Illinois University. His interests include basketball, making videos, and inventing new products.

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 32