The Adventures Of The I-45 Gang

By J. E. Hall
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This is a fictional story that turns into a mystery, about 3 African American children that are 1st cousins. They are about to set out on a fun filled trip, the last trip before school starts that turns out to be anything but that. The main character is Python. His Mother is Aunt Chocolate Chip. Next we have the two sisters, Cinnamon and Cakes. Aunt Strawberry and Uncle Edge-Up, their parents fill out the list of characters. To add a little spice to the story, Aunt Strawberry and Aunt Chocolate are sisters. Python, Cinnamon, and Cakes make up THE I-45 GANG.
The trip turns out to be a quest to find out who THE MAN is. He is the voice that comes through Python’s analogue clock and later through something that you can’t even imagine.
Through this experience, the cousins learn how to work together, respect one another, to
recognize the special traits and talents that each cousin possesses, and most of all, how to listen.
Maybe these are things you yourself need to work on.
Enjoy the trip!

About the Author

I graduated from Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO. in 1973 with a B.S. Ed. in Art. I wanted to become a Commercial Artist, which is now a Graphic Artist, and design my own line of Greeting Cards or perhaps work for Hallmark Cards.
While at Lincoln, I met a music major and the rest is history. Later, down the line, his goals changed, too. I became an Army wife and we raised three Army brats. We had various duty sta-tions, but Germany was the best by far. I got to travel to Paris! We were there when the Wall came down. We were all part of history.
I taught English I and Art I for 21 years before retirement. Inspiration for art, music, and writing also come from various sources, too. The inspiration for this book came from a picture of my three youngest grandchildren. So I put my greeting cards on hold because I said, “I've got to do something with this picture!” And I did.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 44