The Adventures Of Space King I And Ii In Outer Space

By Philip G. LeMay
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Come travel through space with Space King I and II and share in their breathtaking exploits as they sneak aboard a rocket bound for outer space. Rescued by friendly aliens, they quickly become the heroes and defenders of the galaxy, sharing adventures as a team of fearless space travelers crisscrossing the vastness of space. Their thrilling adventures begin with a space contest of strength, agility, and perseverance. Once presented with the trophy, Space King I falls in love with the Queen of the Sun and pursues her hand in marriage, much to the displeasure of his partner, Space King II, who decides to go off on an adventures of his own. But tragedy stalks Space King I as first his best friend is killed and then his son nearly loses his life in an avoidable accident. Nevertheless, he continues to travel the galaxy, helping those in need, and his goodness is rewarded in surprising and joyful ways.

About the Author

A retired resident of Lebanon, New Hampshire, Philip G. LeMay presently enjoys spending time with his wife, Judith, making wood novelties, taking bike rides, and fishing.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 98