The Adventures Of Sam In Space: Planet Of The Sweets

By Black Velvet
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Take a trip to every childs fantasy a planet made of sweets! Join Sam, a young boy from the future, as he, his unusual pets, and even his robot travel to the Planet of the Sweets to find some fun and adventure! A river of chocolate, lollipop trees, and even clouds made of marshmallows greet the starry eyed bunch as they explore a world unimaginable from their own. But just as they find their wildest dreams are coming true, they realize they are in the middle of a huge problem. When their space ship lands on this strange but sugary planet, they meet Peppermint, a walking, talking peppermint stick who runs the sweets factory. Peppermint tells them about the Zedionths, a family of ogres who demand an excess of sweets from the sweets factory every day or else they will eat everyone! Can Sam and his crew find a way to help Peppermint and all the other candies before its too late?

About the Author

Black Velvet is a native of England and is a member of the British Legion, which he joined in 2005. He has another published book, A Collection of Poems from the Heart.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 32