The Adventures Of Salamander Sam

By Donna Ebl
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About the Book

The Adventures of Salamander Sam takes place on a family farm in southern British Columbia, Canada. A community of salamanders lives in Slip Town, which is located in a hollow in the rock stairway near the vegetable garden. Sam and his friends, Joe, Ronnie, and Pete, are young salamanders who are exploring the world of the farm. They head out on an expedition to the barn, where they meet two girl salamanders, Keeka and Gina. The girls introduce them to a new game they have discovered, and the six salamanders play happily until they are interrupted by the entrance of a man and three frightening farm cats! The Adventures of Salamander Sam offers an entertaining glimpse of farm life and introduces charming and playful characters that are sure to delight young readers.

About the Author

Donna J. Ebl is a native of British Columbia, where she and her husband, George, own a cattle ranch. She is the mother of one daughter, Chelsea. In addition to her longtime interest in writing, Ms. Ebl enjoys spending time with her family and friends, working on her familys ranch, drawing cartoon characters, sewing, and appreciating the beautiful mountain views that surround her home. The Adventures of Salamander Sam is her first published book.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 32