The Adventures Of Princess Zuri

By Andrea Lloyd
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The Adventures of Princess Zuri is a fairy tale born from love. It’s about the author’s great-great niece, who was born a preemie but relentlessly made great progress in becoming a strong baby. She would like readers to feel the love of true family and the measures they would go through to protect someone so very special in their lives.

About the Author

Andrea Lloyd comes from a very large, close family. She wrote this book in honor of her dear friend, Zuri’s paternal grandfather, who showed great interest in Zuri and wanted to write a book himself but unexpectedly passed away before he could. Though the family is not rich monetarily, they are rich in love. They take their parenting very seriously and have passed that on to their children. Lloyd is also an Army veteran and is now working for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a program analyst providing the best care for fellow veterans. NFL football is a love of hers as she is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, so she was in multiple clubs supporting that team. Lloyd is also tremendously in love with butterflies because of their transformation to become the strong beautiful creatures they are. So it was Zuri’s grandfather’s wish that Lloyd would be Zuri’s “Butterfly Fairy Godmother” in which butterflies follow her everywhere she goes.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30