The Adventures Of Midnight, Moonlight And Twilight

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GP Shannon, LtCol USAF

The Adventures of Midnight, Moonlight and Twilight is about the rescue of three ewe lambs at the start of the birthing season in 2021. The mothers abandoned their lambs for one reason or another. This book details their rescue and development into mature sheep with their own unique personalities. The author, GP Shannon, LtCol USAF, hopes readers take away from the story an ability to overcome adversarial conditions and still find happiness and success in whatever endeavors they pursue.

About the Author

GP Shannon, LtCol USAF serves on the Board of Review in Carp Lake Township in Northern Michigan. He owns a farm and concentrates on the raising of Icelandic and Katahdin sheep and Nubian goats. He is also an artist specializing in oil and acrylic paintings - both portraits and wildlife/nature scenes. He has three children, the youngest of which lives in Austin, Texas and is employed there as a high school art teacher. She has blessed him with fraternal twin 5-year-old grandchildren. He is a retired USAF Lt Colonel who also was a guidance counselor in the Alanson, Michigan school district. While there, he served as the high school guidance counselor and also as athletic director. In addition, he taught French and middle school math. He believes that one is never too old to try something new or take on a challenging project.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 40