The Adventures Of Juno... Crazy Dog!

By Karen S. Granato
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This book is about a little girl, Maria, who loves to read, and about her dog, Juno, who has an outrageous imagination! Maria's heart belongs to many things, but most definitely to books and Juno! While Maria reads, Juno has her own adventures. In this book, the heat of the day reminds Juno of a time in the 1600s when she lived with her Native American friends, the problem they had, and the amazing adventure that ensued as Juno tried to solve the problem.

It is a story that involves a few historical facts as well as a LOT of imagination. It tells a story of love and friendship, as well as the joy that we get from helping those that we love! It also shows a very special love between a little girl and her dog.

About the Author

At 72 years old, Karen prefers to refer to herself as "wise" rather than old. A now-retired nurse, she spent her career focusing on the comfort and joy she could offer to those in need. Karen is the proud and loving mother of her now 33-year-old daughter Maria, and credits the 18 years she spent raising her as the best time of her life. Karen's main hobby is writing, and she also spends time singing in her church choir and finding immense joy in praising the Lord.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 36