The Adventures Of Edward Monkey And His Opa

By Ed Waller
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In the beautiful Animal Kingdom of E. Georges Pass lives the very special Monkey family. One day, young Edward Monkey decides to visit his beloved Opa on his own. Though his mother gives him very specific instructions to stay on the path, Edward is soon wandering off in search of adventure.

When Edward gets lost, he decides not to be discouraged and ask for help. But the owl keeps asking hoo Edward is looking for, the hyena only laughs at him, and the parrot just repeats everything Edward says. Can Edward find his way to his Opa? If he remembers important lessons and doesnt give up, Edward can!

With fun animal sounds, The Adventures of Edward Monkey and His Opa is a story meant to be read aloud and shared. Edward Monkey is a bright and curious hero who will encourage conversations about determination and the importance of listening.

About the Author

Ed Waller grew up in Hawthorne, New Jersey. He had learning problems and struggled with shyness. Refusing to let himself be limited, Waller earned a doctoral degree in child clinical psychology from Ohio State University. For thirty-five years he taught college, was a noted public speaker, and appeared in several television commercials.

Waller knows that personal challenges are best met with determination and humor. When we work hard we never fail. At 61, Waller made it a personal goal to climb one million steps in a year. This challenge received national television attention. In less than six months he had accomplished his mission.

Now a Southerner by adoption, Waller lives in Columbia, South Carolina. He and his wife have a son, daughter, and a bright and curious grandson who inspired this story.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 40