The Adventures Of Chile Charlie: A Ride Into History, Culture, Economics

By George Pintar
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Told through short stories of travel and adventure, The Adventures of Chile Charlie: A Ride into History, Culture, Economics tells the tale of Prairie Grass Pete who became Chile Charlie when he moved to the southwest. Between interviews and personal outings, Chile Charlie learns about the towns he visits while roaming the small communities. By meeting people there, he’s able to tell what makes each area special. With a knack for getting people to tell him about the history, culture, and economy of each are, Chile Charlie paints an image for the reader.

About the Author

George Pintar has experience in classroom teaching, educational administration, federal grant writing, business ownership, chamber of commerce executive, and a managing partner of a large educational turnaround company. Though he didn’t begin writing until he was 85.

He has a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. And he was in the army during the Korean Conflict.

Pintar’s passion has always been being an owner and pilot of several aircraft, with travel having been a high priority of his life. He served for several years as a member, then later the lieutenant governor of Kiwanis. Born in Illinois, Pintar currently lives in New Mexico. This is his first published book.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 120