The Adventures Of Benny Bugle And His Magic Cape

By Tiara Bender
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About the Book

Ten-year-old Benny Bugle is an average boy in many ways. He and his siblings take turns tormenting each other; he has two very close friends who help him into and out of trouble; he enjoys school (except for math class); and he has a loyal and intelligent best friend in his dog. However, he has an unusual hobby magic. Aspiring to become a world-renowned magician like his idol, Harry Houdidni, Benny studies the art of magic intensely, taking every chance he can get to practice his craft at birthday parties and family gatherings. When he comes into possession of an antique cape from a well-known magician who disappeared under mysterious circumstances many years ago, even Benny is not prepared for the wild adventure into which he is thrust as he battles an evil villain bent on taking over both his world and a parallel world. Will Benny succeed with his daring plan and the help of some otherworldly friends? Or is the warlock too powerful for Bennys magical abilities?

About the Author

A paralegal and freelance aspiring actress, Tiara Bender is also a mother to one daughter, Tiffany. In her spare time she enjoys writing, reading, and horseback riding.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 154