The Adventures In The Secret Valley

By Sally Parker Frizzell
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About the Book

The Adventures in the Secret Valley introduces young readers to a special family of eight children and their adoptive grandparents. Scorned by the residents of their village for their physical differences, the family takes refuge in a valley hidden by mountains. This determined and gifted family builds cabins and farms the land together. After living peacefully for several years, they are startled when talking animals begin to visit them, telling a tragic tale about a castle and the native people who once lived in the valley. They learn of a very special secret hidden in the valley, as well as a stranger who is spying on them from the mountains as The Adventures in the Secret Valley unfolds.

About the Author

Sally Parker Frizzell is native and longtime resident of New Hampshire. She is married to Leo F. Frizzell Jr. and is the stepmother of three grown children. The Adventures in the Secret Valley grew out of stories composed for her grandchildren.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 40