The Advance Of Darkness

By   Blue Rose
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Officer Trinity is on a mission: she needs to find and detain the serial killer running a rampage in her city. As her desperation heightens, so does her level of vulnerability. Trinity becomes more dependent on someone who has reemerged from her past, and though she struggles to keep a grasp on reality, the truth she comes to is much more difficult to bear than she could ever have believed. 

A serial killer keeping a promise, guided by a haunting shadow, with his own altered version of reality. His mask is keeping him from anyone who may be able to see him for who he really is and is hindering on the possibility of obtaining the help his mind needs to heal from the trauma he has to come to terms with. 

Both characters struggle with their own darkness, and fight to keep what light they have left. In the end, what will become of the serial killer? Will they become a victim of the Night as well? Will Officer Trinity be able to bear the load that comes with knowing the truth, or will it take her to the edge? 

Recognizing when you or a love one are suffering through any type of mental illness is important. It is also normal, and you are encouraged to find your light, hold onto it, and do not allow an advance of darkness. If you or a loved one are struggling with your mental health, do not hesitate; there are plenty of ways to save your light. 

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Published: 2021
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