The Accidental Spy

By Dawn Hanna
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Mina Mary’s life is about to fall out from under her. After building up her extremely successful company, Curve Tech, she is now faced with a guilty charge for violating a federal trade embargo—a crime she swears she didn’t commit. Forced to leave her family home in Michigan, Mina must now confront her worst nightmare: federal prison. Through all the strip searches, gang fighting, and humiliation, Mina must struggle to find the hope to come out the other side of her sentence unscathed.

About the Author

Dawn Hanna is a marketing and sales expert with over twenty years of experience. She received her bachelor’s degree in Legal Administration from The University of Detroit-Mercy and her master’s degree in International Business and Marketing Management from Central Michigan University.

A millionaire by 30 and broke by 40, with a journey through the federal prison system, Dawn is working hard to build it all back by 50. Imprisoned at a women’s camp with over 300 women during the course of nearly five years, Dawn Hanna continues to challenge herself daily. She yearns to inspire and encourage people. Dawn dedicates much of her time to human service work, travel, and enjoying the company of her family, in particular, her mother and brothers.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 126