The 2008 Financial Crisis: The Death Of An Ideology

By Albert D. Halm-Addo
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As the author explains in this analytic work, the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression may have been caused by risk-taking credit default swaps and institutional mishandling. Including close explanation of government programs and groups like the Securities and Exchange Commission, this book is approachable to both students of finance and those who so far have not grasped the issues and actions responsible for the financial crisis of 2008.

About the Author

Albert Halm-Addo was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and grew up in Accra, Ghana. Living in Maryland for nearly three decades, he is a self-employed accountant and financial consultant. His hobbies include playing and watching soccer, reading, and theater. He is an accountant by profession and holds a degree in economics.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 66