The 101 Principles Of An Effective Leadership For Africa: The Sub-Saharan Realism

By Allen A Alube
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The 101 Principles of an Effective Leadership for Africa focuses on responsibility, fair governance, and moral character of African leadership. Allen A. Alube targets the African youths who are ready to embrace change and to lead differently, with hope and aspiration for the future.

The African youths have been marginalized by the corrupted leadership and poor governance. Alube offers the opportunity to incorporate into the school systems of African nations, to encourage African youths to develop and apply a newer mindset related to responsibility, good governance, and moral character.

About the Author

Dr. (ABD) Allen A. Alube is an educator who has taught schools for more than 15 years, both here in the States and overseas. He has also served in private and public sectors, including non-profit and religious organizations. Currently, he works for one of the federal agencies in the state of Tennessee.

Allen is a husband, a father, and a proud grandfather of three. He enjoys reading, soccer, working out, and traveling. He is a member of different socio-cultural and professional organizations.

Allen holds a BA degree in African Studies, MA in Religious Education, MA in Secondary Education, Ed.S. in Education Administration, and a doctoral degree in Professional Leadership.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 122