Thank You, Father God, For Chamba And Maxx

By Maris B. Spiers
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This story is about love, devotion, and never-ending loyalty—two dogs, Chamba and Maxx, that came into their lives in two very different ways. Chamba was a loving, caring, placid Black Lab/German Shepherd mix whom, after suffering abuse at the hands of her former owners, found a way to free herself from her chains and run to their home, where she found love and acceptance. And Maxx was a Cockapoo she was determined to adopt. During a two-year geographical separation, they became best friends.

These two dogs brought unconditional love, laughter, and tears to their family. Their passion for adventure led to quirky exploits and escapades. In the end, the family’s love and devotion to Chamba and Maxx didn’t match the enduring loyalty they had for one another. Their love for each other literally spanned two worlds the last night Maxx was with them.

About the Author

Maris B. Spiers is a Christian Woman who has been married now for well over thirty-six years. She has a BS from the State University of New York, Institute of Technology. She is a highly decorated Veteran of the United States Army National Guard, which includes a tour of duty in Tikrit, Iraq. She has worked as the Executive Assistant to the President of an Airline Company followed by being appointed as the Executive Assistant to the Director of Quality Control after she returned from Iraq. 

Published: 2017
Page Count: 64

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I loved the book, I could’nt put it down. The Author pulled me in, made me feel like I was right...

I can’t wait to read her next book.

A good family book put

I could not put the book down.