Terror In Guacamoleville

By Dr. Adam Palladino
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Looking for a fun book to read to your children? This humorous story uses puns to teach children that they can overcome obstacles in their life.

On Januberry 13, 1998, the small town of GuacamoleVille was faced with a scary situation.

Squishy Squash finds himself stuck in a spicy Dorito rainstorm. Not sure what to do, he decides to call the Sour Stringbean show for advice.

Squishy needs a bit of luck to overcome this scary situation… and a bit of help.

But can Squishy find the help he needs to make it out of this Dorito rainstorm?

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30

Customer Reviews

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Delightful Story

As I traveled to the United States from Australia for vacation, I came across Adam Palladino's book. He is such a talented author. He is able to capture the earnestness, hopes and confidence to overcome hardships but in a child-friendly manner. I know this is one of the best books I have come across while shopping for birthday gifts, library donations, and causal readings. So this is my second purchase for a birthday gift and I will definitely the purchasing more for the upcoming holidays!

A Grandmas First Choice

I recently finished reading the book, Terror in GuacamoleVille by Adam Palladino and wanted to share my thoughts on it. It was thrilled to find a great books that was captivating and engaging for readers of all ages, and it did just that. I know other parents, grandparents, grandmothers and great grandmothers will appreciate this gem of a book. It is wonderful to share with everyone that I found a book with amazing jokes, illustrations, and inspiration message. Do not wait, get your copy today!

As I have poor eyesight, I had to by the e-book, and it was wonderful. I also bought a hard copy book for my great grandson, and he was in love with the book. He could not put it down.

Russ T.
A True Page Turner

On Januberry 13, Squishy is faced with a scary situation. It has begun to rain salsa verde Doritos. As he is caught in this rainstorm of Doritos, he is overcome with fear. The question is, will he make it out of this rainstorm? You must read to find out.

This was my nephew's favorite book of the year by far. He wishes he could read Terror in GuacamoleVille again for the first time. Terror in GuacamoleVille forced him to feel the characters' emotions. Read Terror in GuacamoleVille! I promise, you’ll be hooked.

Wonderful Book

As I was looking for new, child-friendly books for my daughter, I saw on social media an ad for Dr. Palladino's book, Terror in GuacamoleVille. Once I saw the cover and read the summary of the book, I knew this was a MUST buy book! Terror in GuacamoleVille is my one of my daughter's favorite book! My daughter loves the food jokes and characters. She hopes there will be a second book because she cannot wait to see where Squishy will go next! This is a wonderful story and a MUST buy!

Cool mama
The Future Of Children's Literature

What a beautiful book. I have purchased this book for many of my friends children/grandchildren. I love the colorful illustrations, the puns, and the positive message it sends to children. The children totally enjoyed every aspect of this very entertaining book. I would like to see a sequel.