By Jessica Freeman
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Throughout history, there are countless mythologies depicting the struggle between good and evil. What if some mythological being could befriend humans? Even love humans? What if a persons deepest desires could become reality? Follow your dreams and enter the world of Tellestria.

Upon an unexpected meeting, Sophia is transported to a world based on imagination. Follow her on an adventure through a strange world of magic and fantasy. Explore the realm of Tellestria as Sophia discovers the truth about her past and helps to secure the future of this precious realm.

About the Author

Jessica Freeman has always been fascinated with the idea of other worlds and decided to create one with Tellestria. She desired to create a masterpiece of love, tragedy, fantasy, adventure, and horror. She hopes that the reader will not only enjoy Tellestria but will be inspired to follow his or her own dreams.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 152