Tell Them You Are Human

By   Vestine Furniss
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The book starts with the journey of one woman trying to figure out her identity during the Burundian Civil War. At that time, being fatherless meant also being friendless unless she could tell her mother's tribe if she was Hutu or Tutsi. Her mother’s answer was and always has been “Tell them you are a human”. But in that time, being human meant nothing and she had to learn how to survive.

At a young age, Vestine learned to hide her pain and smile while her heart was in pieces. She became a people-pleaser and became Christian looking for inner peace. Her walk with the Lord made her understand that her past pain was only a path to her destiny which is to care for wounded hearts.

In Tell Them You Are Human, Vestine shares her inspiring life story to encourage readers to embrace their imperfect human nature, be happy with their lives, and know that they are perfect and priceless. She wants her experiences to inspire young women who may feel that life is senseless so that they embrace their pain, knowing that pain is a vehicle to our destiny. Vestine’s deepest desire is that readers keep their faith in God, knowing that no matter how messy their lives look, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

About the Author

Today, Vestine Furniss is a wife, a mom of three, and a proud international evangelist who works full time at RIB (Rebuilding Inner Beauty) Ministry. She is also a founder and active member of the parents’ association which is the International Association of Child Born Out of Wedlock. Vestine is a certified relationship coach. She guides men and women who experience divorce, separation, or any other relationship issues to find inner peace and to feel confident to love again.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 152