Team Alpha

By Gil Alligood
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Team Alpha is a work of fiction written in response to terrorist acts. While events in the book are fictitious, they mirror real events. The worlds war on terror is trying to fight an idea and a principal that cannot be obliterated with words. The root of the problem is within the people who initiate terrorist activities. Team Alpha is composed of civilians working secretly for the President of the United States to identify people who are planning terrorist activities, primarily within the United States.

The main characters, Craig Johnson and his wife Kitty, first appeared in Gil Alligoods novel Dark Paths to Light. At the direction of the President they formed a company, Alpha Planning and Consulting, Inc., that employs former government agents to secretly identify terrorists and terrorist groups. The information is then passed to another group, Team Omega, for disposition of problems.

Craig, Kitty, and agents of Team Alpha are Christians who are deeply bothered by terrorist activities throughout the world and what they find is necessary to thwart their destructive plans and activities that could produce human suffering.

Team Alpha is a hard-hitting story of adventure and intrigue that will keep readers excited and bothered at the same time.

About the Author

Gil Alligood grew up on a farm in eastern North Carolina. He still has that farm and some of the scenes in Team Alpha occur there. The hard farm work created within him a need to achieve goals and assist people in improving society. He was raised according to standards and principles taught by his church and he insists on living by those principles.

Alligood received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Masters Degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Alligood served five years active duty in the United States Air Force and twenty-one years reserve duty as a pilot and operations officer. He retired with the rank of colonel. His flying missions took him into combat areas including Vietnam, the Congo, and other areas of conflict. His experience with the geography and culture of the people has provided an understanding that is reflected in some scenes in his novels. His last assignment was at headquarters USAF where he interacted with officers and personnel of other nations.

In his civilian career, Alligood was a consulting engineer. He is a licensed engineer and land surveyor. During that time, he owned and managed his engineering company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 332