Teaching Shakespeare (The Wrong Way)

By Hugh J. Burns, PhD
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If the thought of teaching Shakspearian works frustrates or bores you, then Teaching Shakespeare (The Wrong Way) is for you. After fifty-seven years of teaching British literature to high school students, Hugh J Burns, PhD, compiles his years of experience in teaching the classic playwright’s works and engaging students in lessons that are not only informative but enjoyable. Never again read plays word by word in your classroom, assigning parts to uninterested students. Learn to appreciate the source material as it twists, turns, and develops to show Shakespeare’s mastery at work. Lead students towards discovery with confidence. Filled with new ways to engage students in Shakespeare’s work, both teacher and students will find renewed or new love and appreciation for the founder of modern English.

About the Author

Hugh J Burns, PhD, has been a proponent of social justice ever since the seventh grade. After retiring from teaching, Dr. Burns began volunteering to help inmates at the local jail to discover their potential. He asks them to leave his title behind, instead asking to only be called Hugh so everyone feels welcomed and on the same level. By using this method, Dr. Burns has developed trust and truth over the years, not only with the inmates but from his previous students in the classroom. If you believe in your reality, be who you genuinely are and let them know you can learn together, and then lessons can be learned by both teacher and student.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 196