Teaching And Learning Social Studies (The Talss Method)

By Dr. James C. Rodkey
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Teaching and Learning Social Studies is a complete guide for a different way to teach American History in high school. The method detailed in this book does away with traditional teaching methods. These methods backed with scholarly research are student-centered and student-driven. Teaching and Learning Social Studies does away with the short term learning needed for tests and quizzes and focuses on teaching more important cognitive skills. The teacher is not just a lecturer to pass along information but rather a facilitator that directs learning through group work and activities. Teaching and Learning Social Studies is a complete guide including lesson plans, group activities, and rubrics for any high school Social Studies or American History teacher looking to enrich their students’ knowledge with lasting effects.

About the Author

Dr. James C. Rodkey has taught in public and private school systems for over thirty-five years. Rodkey has also operated a private music studio for twenty years, giving private lessons in piano and organ. Rodkey has also presented in a number of workshops and seminars around his topics of passion throughout his career.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 148