Tarnished Silver

By Myra H. Wolfson
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About the Book

The Silver family seems like a nice, normal, well-to-do American family on the outside, but within the walls of their beautiful house there are many dark secrets. When Lorraine first met her husband Ian, she considered him the perfect life partner, but as the years go by, the marriage begins to fall apart, and Ian becomes more distant and at times even aggressive. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Lorraine fantasizes about the rugged and well-built Tommy Monahan, whom she meets while on vacation in Montauk. She believes her hoped-for affair will never come to fruition until suddenly Ian has a fatal heart attack one night, leaving Lorraine finally free to find true love.

About the Author

Myra H. Wolfson worked as a clinical oncology secretary at a major cancer center and as an executive assistant to the CEO of a Pennsylvania state children’s agency for children with severe emotional and behavioral issues. Following a massive stroke, Wolfson recovered but remained disabled, forcing her to retire. She has always loved to write. 

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 352