Tamara's Journey Through Trials And Tears

By Tamara Rivera
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When a child asks, “Why am I a girl?” or “What makes me a boy?” most parents might answer “Because God made you that way,” and that is the end of it.

But that is far from reality, and in this book, you will learn that gender as we know today is not what you’re assigned at birth but what is in the composition of your brain.

On a journey to be recognized and respected by everyone as a transgender woman, the author’s journal entries paint a picture of her experiences on this path. Tamara’s Journey Through Trial and Tears shares the highs and lows, successes and struggles, kindness and cruelty of her transformation as she takes command of her true place in this world.

About the Author

Today, she is Tamara Rivera 24/7 and is always working to stay in touch with the transgender community. She meets with local groups of transgender people for discussions and to build relationships, and follows groups through Meetup and on Facebook, where she has well over 2,000 followers, 95 percent of which are women who enjoy the positive inspiration she offers. Forced to leave school as a teenager to support her siblings after their father left, Rivera never lost her interests in space exploration and technology and still reads and watches YouTube videos on the subjects, as well as works in the technology field. She also creates nail art, has a group page on Facebook, and has sold some press-on nail packages, hoping to make this a successful business someday. Rivera maintains a close relationship with her ex-spouse and children.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 154