Tall Grass In The Wind

By Franklin Taddeo
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They say you never forget your first love, and childhood friends Edward Johns and Alison Fadelli know this all too well.

As next-door neighbors and childhood friends, Edward and Alison spend all their time together, often riding their bikes to their favorite spot—a huge oak tree that majestically sits at the top of a long grassy slope, where the tall grass flows back and forth in the wind. After naming their special place “Our Place,” they vow to always find a way to meet under the oak tree.

As often happens in life, the two drift apart—attending different colleges and finding stability in their different careers. But even after all of the years they have been separated, the two friends never forget each other—always wondering how their story will end.

Read Tall Grass in the Wind and enjoy this story about true love, happenstance, and destiny.

About the Author

Franklin Taddeo was always a dreamer. He grew up powerlifting and writing songs, poems, and stories involving his loved ones and is a proud veteran. Taddeo always had a unique perspective on life and used it to explore many different businesses and interesting inventions of his own.

Tall Grass in the Wind depicts Taddeo at a young age with a friend that departed early in life and haunts him of what could have been.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 126