Tales From Behind Your Wall Of Dreams

By David Bongianino
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About the Author

Tales From Behind Your Wall of Dreams includes poems and short stories explore the meanings of physical and emotional pain. The stories within will engage the reader in a world of darkness, the world of survivors.

About the Author

When I am asked to talk about myself I always keep it short, my life was never glamorous. I worked hard all of my life and in these pages you will find my struggles, my pain and my mistakes. The destination was never clear but the journey is not over, I'm writing a new chapter. Whether I was loading machines for my family, driving trucks, polishing granite or throwing around four-hundred pound pieces of lumber, a laborer's life is not interesting. One of my favorite quotes is something I wrote years ago; "We are not to question why there is pain, we are to listen for the thunder and prepare for the rain." My life in a nutshell. The picture you see gracing the back cover of my first book is my son Dante and his son Braxton. I lost Dante to cancer in 2021. This book is dedicated to him. 

You walked away in silence

I ignored your pleas

you walked away crying

cause I did not believe

I will forever wear this unforgivable sin

for God knows it should have been me instead of him

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 74