Tales From Around The African Campfire

By Michael C. Tredway
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About the Book

Tales from Around the African Campfire is a collection of short stories told by African villagers, soldiers, and wildlife rangers while passing the time sitting around the campfire at night.

After years of collecting and retelling these stories, author Michael C. Tredway began sharing these stories with his friends and family. People, even those not familiar with African life, seemed to enjoy these anecdotes and found humor in them. Mr. Tredway decided it would be a great idea to share the stories with a larger audience. It is his hope that readers can find humor and wisdom in the stories, as well as a better appreciation of African wildlife.

About the Author

Michael C. Tredway was born in Tripoli, Libya, Africa, and has spent much of his adult life, most of the last 20 years, working in Africa facilitating national infrastructure development in the areas of National Emergency Management and Leadership Development, humanitarian demining efforts, humanitarian assessments and outreach efforts, and wildlife management through counter-poaching. He has lived and worked in more than 20 countries of the 54 African nations. Mr. Tredway earned his Master of Arts degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.

Mr. Tredway has five adult sons and three grandchildren – Maverick, Aubrie, and Luke.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 108