Tales From A Strange Man

By J. C. Farnsworth
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Tales from a strange man is a series of interwoven short stories that deal with the concepts of regret, the passage of time, family bonds, death incarnate, love lost, and the supernatural. But at the core of this work, there is yet more to be found. In its heart of hearts… good and evil collide.

The post-apocalyptic surviving gods personally select a wanderer through time, known as the Traveler, to help them defeat an ancient, malicious entity. The Traveler passes through time, space, and multiple universes to maintain balance and prevent the continued formation of the Next, an end-of-time universe that none should hope prevails.

Can the surviving gods conquer this ancient evil? Will the Traveler ever manage to break free? Follow the winding paths of good and evil through a broken space-time continuum in this suspenseful horror: Tales from a Strange Man.

About the Author

J. C. Farnsworth can be best described as a vivid dreamer with a simple lifestyle. Born in New Hampshire, USA, he spent nine years serving his country in the Vermont National Guard, alongside some of the best men and women he has yet to meet. He currently spends most of his waking hours raising chickens and drinking beer, when he’s not writing. 

Farnsworth’s past dreams are so memorable, they feed into a great deal of his writing content, much like the present work of supernatural horror. Farnsworth pours his subconscious mind on paper to refine his craft in Tales from a Strange Man.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 230