Tales From A Distant Star: How Humanity Gets To The Stars

By Raymond Hardcastle
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Tales from a Distant Star is a short story anthology following a crew and their seemingly never-ending journey through space, which it very well could with the ever-expanding size of the universe. Using real science, the tales within stay as true as possible to the current understanding of space and space travel, and how it may look hundreds of years from now. Raymond Hardcastle’s years of studies in physics and engineering and his love for storytelling are now combined into one fascinating collection.

About the Author

Raymond Hardcastle spent his childhood in orphanages and foster homes until his teenage years, and attended one-room schoolhouses, where he would learn from the higher grades. He went on to take courses at vocational school to learn a trade. Until he was seventeen, he worked mowing lawns, shoveling snow, shining shoes, and as a store clerk until he could join the navy. At twenty-one, he was discharged and practiced his trade while attending college. He now holds a BS in physics and an MBA. He has worked as an engineer on a space shuttle and as an administrator of a scientific research laboratory, and taught technical college classes until his retirement.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 274