Tale Of The Atlantic City Shark And Nine More Scary Stories

By William Shubalis
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Tale of the Atlantic City Shark and Nine More Scary Stories

In the beauty of the blue Atlantic Ocean hides a dangerous secret that changes the life of the whole community.

An evil created by human deed, Tales of the Atlantic City Sharkand Nine More Scary Stories is a thriller-packed narrative about a shark hunter who, at the expense of his life, would do anything to stop the toothy-jawed beast.

Feeding on human fear and flesh, William Peter Shubalis was able to make a piece that is rich in imagery, emotions, and humor.

About the Author

William Peter Shubalis has a diploma in both Art and Conservation. He was born in Chicago, Illinois and enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. He also enjoys swimming, bowling, playing video games, and watching horror movies.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 138