Take Your #*@&*% Medication!: A Bipolar Autobiography

By John S. Xanders
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Take Your #*@&*% Medication: A Bipolar Autobiography is the true story of one man’s journey through diagnosis and not only living, but thriving, with bipolar disorder.

A resource to those newly diagnosed, those living with, and those whose loved ones are diagnosed with the illness, John S. Xanders’ personal experiences serve not only as a teaching mechanism, but also a sign of hope, as bipolar disorder is not a life-sentence, nor a death sentence. Managed correctly, one can live a happy, healthy life, and in fact, it ended up giving Xanders a wonderful perspective of life itself; a perspective he’s eager to share with you.

From signs and symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment, learn to identify bipolar disorder and have it treated properly before it gets out of hand. No matter where you are at in your diagnosis and treatment, the message is clear: take your medication, and you’ll right the ship – even when it feels impossible!

John S. Xanders taught elementary school (fourth and fifth grades) for 38 years. He directed the school’s outreach program for six years and directed a summer camp for 33 years. In addition, he coached varsity and junior varsity wrestling for 28 years, and varsity baseball for nine years.

Xanders is married to Marian Xanders, and he has a son, Ty, who is 30 years old (from his first marriage). His hobbies include daily exercising and reading.

An avid reader, Xanders read 400 children’s books in 2019-2020 alone.

Published: 2022
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