Take Astrology As A Helping Tool In Real Life

By Sharad Kumar Soni
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Continued misrepresentation of astrology has created a negative reputation for the ancient and mystic art. Astrology can be perfect, but a bad astrologer is much less so.

Author Sharad Kumar Soni, an astrologer by trade and by passion, offers to take that negative energy and transform it into the positive influence it was always destined to be. His aim is to provide a positive perception of astrology in everyday life.

He considers the powers of planets, numbers, and even colors in daily situations. These and other factors, taken separately and in combination, all play major roles in a persons health, wealth, marriage and children, and more.

Life takes work. To do better work, you need the proper tools. Astrology can be a helping tool in your real life.

About the Author

Sharad Kumar Soni is a self-employed adviser, astrologer, and psychic who holds a Master of Science degree in statistics from HNB Garhwal University in India. Single, he is a native of Agra City, India. He enjoys reading, movies, traveling, singing and dancing, and, as this book suggests, helping people in need.


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Published: 2011
Page Count: 70

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Astrology is really Divine Science

He is already world famous expert over Kasamba.com , there he told me about his book and after reading this book I realize he is true expert or astrologer and astrology is Divine Science....