Tails Of The Wolf

By C. R. Eisenback
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Fifty years into the future, the Great Disaster has left the world in a state of chaos, where famine, plague, and war are rampant. In this new world, legendary figures are born, such as the enigmatic and feared Wolf Matrix, whose name alone invokes terror in those who hear it. But Matrix is not a cruel man, and his story is one of heartbreak and devastating loss.

Growing up after the Great Disaster, Matrix and his father roam the earth, dodging gangs and thieves as they searched for a peaceful village to call home. In his teens, Matrix and his father believe they have found paradise, a perfect place to settle down, but Matrix soon learns violence can find you anywhere, spurring him on a lifelong quest of vengeance.

About the Author

C. R. Eisenback, born in Louisville, Kentucky, has always had a love for storytelling and creating imaginative worlds. He finds inspiration for his writing in all he reads and sees. He currently resides in Seaford, Delaware.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 194